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Logging into the system can be done from anywhere in the world. Because it is a server based application, accessing the server is possible using a web browser only. No need to install any software on the local computer. EasyTask be accessed from any computer in the world connected to Internet. Althought this, the system can be installed on the intranet, for security users and not visible from outside of the company.

Multiple projects

EasyTask gives the ability to create as many projects as needed for every organisation, which can be easily tracked.


EasyTask provides a multiuser use with different levels of access. The Resources can be shared among different projects and given rights to access different projects with specific rights - Team Leader, Team Member, Project Guest.


Performance of the people in the company can be checked anytime. A reminder system gives warnings on the critical tasks which can be adrressed earlier to keep the project on track.


An easy reporting tool provides a very simple way for the users to report their activities in the company on the tasks they have been assigned to.

Activity based analysis

EasyTask provides a graphical report tools to analyze the performance of the users on the project and check the activities on the project. Based on the timesheets, the manager can find thedistribution of the effortson the project. The module give information of what the user has spend his time on on particular project or in company. Check also how much eforts have been spend on different activities on the project.

Messaging centre

The simple messaging centrehelps to centralize the exchange of the information among the people in the company without the need of complex e-mail clients and server based message exchange systems.

General approach

Because it is tasks based system, EasyTask can be easily used in virtually every company, not only in the software engineering.

Quick installation

No need for extra software to be installed. Easy integration and minimal efforts for practical training. Only one software version and installation to maintain.


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