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Easytask - Online system

Online system for managing projects and their activities

Because it is a server based application, getting into the system is possible using a web browser only. No need to install any software on the local computer. EasyTask can be accessed from any computer in the world connected to Internet.
   Easytask - reporting activities

System for reporting the activities

An easy reporting tool provides a very simple way for the users to report their activities in the company on the tasks they have been assigned to.
Easytask - Planning of projects

Planning of projects

Projects in EasyTask are goal-oriented activities that are executed by the users assigned to them. Every project has start and end date and usually its result is based on account of time, finances, and resources spent.
   Easytask - Managing leave of absence

Managing leave of absence

Easy way of managing the holidays of the employees. Every user can request time off, which is approved by the manager. The system automatically calculates remaining days for full-pay leave. It handles different leave of absence such as holidays with pay, holidays without pay, and sick-leave.
Easytask - Performance analysis

Analyzing the performance

EasyTask provides a graphical report tools to analyze the performance of the users on the project and check the activities on the project. Based on timesheets, the manager can find distribution of the effortson the project. The module gives information of what the user has spend his time on on particular project or in company.
   Easytask - Control of tasks

Control of tasks execution

EasyTask updates the state of the projects instantly, which helps the managers to see the current busyness, deadlines, critical and unassigned tasks at any time so they can exercise control betimes.
Easytask - Control of critical tasks

Observing the critical tasks

Performance of the people in the company can be checked anytime. A reminder system gives warnings on the critical tasks which can be adrressed earlier to keep the project on track.
   Easytask - Multiuser and multiactivity

Multiuser and multiactivity system

EasyTask provides a multiuser use with different levels of access. The resources can be shared among different projects and given rights to access different projects with specific rights - Team Leader, Team Member, Project Guest.
Easytask - Comments on task

Comments on task execution

Convenient way of describing task execution, results, and advices to other users that could possibly handle next stages of the task.
   Easytask - Internal messaging system

Internal messaging system

The simple messaging centrehelps to centralize the exchange of information among the people in the company without the need of complex e-mail clients and server based message exchange systems.


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